We invite you to explore the beautiful bays, islands and beaches where all shades of blue and green blend together, with aspects you have never noticed before.

The yachts we represent stand for the words of privacy and confidentiality, together with their first-class crews.

With their professional services, they will raise your expectations of luxury and comfort, while providing you and your guests with a five-star dining experience carefully prepared for each meal.

We have access to the best charter yachts in the world and maintain centralized lists across the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Red Sea and beyond. We manage the world's best mega yachts available for private and corporate charters.

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With us, explore the world's most stunning spots, hidden bays and above all, far and deep. The idea of chartering a yacht can show you how many shades of green can be, the rare beauties living in the depths of turquoise waters and what you may have missed so far.
Whether it's a secluded beach, a sparkling harbor with shopping and restaurants, or a magnificent night view where you can just watch the full moon on the horizon…

Here we give you the freedom to choose each of them...
Start the day with an amazing open-air breakfast prepared by your own chef.

Let the only thing that occupies your mind is the dreams of sleeping at night and don't forget to enjoy the view from the upper deck.

Want to do water sports and get a little tired ?
No problem… Your crew has already launched all the toys with great pleasure.

How about using jet ski, water ski, sea bicycle, ringa or canoe ?

Anybody said adventure ?

Explore the exotic life of the underwater world !

Colorful reefs invite all enthusiasts, whether snorkeling or scuba to the depths.
We know that you are tired of activities and entertainment.

Let's just declare call the day of relax. Enjoy the sun deck by reading your favorite novel or plan your next vacation route with a refreshing drink in your sun lounge.